No Perfect Moms!


Let me start this post by saying… there are NO PERFECT MOMS! No matter how it looks from the outside, there are still no perfect Moms or people for that matter. No matter how many “I’m perfect” posts on social media, or how put together a family may appear, I promise they are not perfect.

The other day, a good friend of mine, told me I make it look easy (being a mom). To which I immediately thanked her and let her know, sometimes I want to run screaming. Prime example was this past weekend, when my husband had to work on a Saturday and I needed to run some errands. I decided that the kids and I would go on an adventure to Walmart. Made it to Walmart and were doing pretty good up until we hit the shoe dept for some flip-flops. My youngest had a meltdown, and to this day I’m not sure why or what triggered it. She continued crying on and off as I was trying to rush through Walmart grabbing the last of the things we needed. I’m pretty sure in that moment I did not look put together at all. In that minute, I felt like I looked like Cruella De Vil with wild hair and spinning eyes. We all have those kind of moments, even the moms that look the most put together.

Before I became a mom, I dreamed of being the “Perfect Mom”. The Mom who always had perfect hair, spot-on make-up, and a gorgeous bag, while the kids looked perfect from head to toe with not even a hair out of place. I use to say that the kids wouldn’t dare throw a fit in a store or run in church. Well, all that changed the first night my baby came home. I barely slept the entire night worried about every move she made. After that, my “Pre-Mom” plans melted away and reality set in. There were nights that I didn’t sleep and in turn, those were the days that I didn’t care a lick about my hair or makeup. And there are still days and nights like that.

To every Mom who struggles with their imperfections. Embrace your imperfections and keep on truckin’. Your kids don’t need Perfect Moms, they need you. The next time, your child throws a fit in public. Don’t be ashamed, we all go through it. Don’t let the on-lookers bother you, because “Real moms” are with you and the so called “Perfect Moms” probably aren’t Moms at all. No matter how you feel or how imperfect you are, God decided that you were the best Mom for your child(ren). Being a mom… being a parent is not easy. It’s filled with hard work, moments of impatience, sweat and tears, but its the most rewarding thing we can ever do. Stand tall Mamas! You got this! Have a blessed week!

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  1. Yyyyaaaaaassssssssssssss, Mummy! You’ve put that beautifully. “Your kids need you, as you are and not perfect”!!!! I adore you for that.

  2. Perfectly written!! I stopped judging other moms a long time ago. Pre-mom me judged them all the time. Hilarious that I thought I knew it all BEFORE I ever had kids. Now I’m like, “only one meltdown while grocery shopping! Whoo!” Haha.

    But seriously, I think any mom who keeps her kids safe and does everything she can to take care of them is a perfect mom. We’re all in this together, even if we parent differently.

  3. Yep! This is one tough road and my pre-baby plans never happened either. I had such dreams of a perfectly dressed little girl with pigtail and bows. I got the biggest tomboy ever who is 8 and STILL won’t let me touch her hair!!! But it’s been the best ride ever.

  4. Jubilee D Meyer says:

    Love this so much! It is so important to remember that no one is “perfect” and that everyone is doing the best they can(which is a beautiful thing). Sounds like you’re Supermom to me!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you, Jubilee!! I glad you liked it. I’m really trying to reach those moms out there that are struggling and feel like they are alone. Thank you again!

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